Call for Projects: HPI Future SOC Lab

The HPI Future SOC Lab offers researchers free of charge access to a powerful infrastructure to conduct their research activities. Offered computing resources vary from small virtual instances up to a large 1000 core cluster server with 50 TB main memory.

A GPU cluster with 8xNVIDIA K80 cards is offered as well as licenses of SAP HANA.

Over 340 research projects were supported by the lab since it was launched together with Dell EMC, Fujitsu, HPE and SAP in 2010.

Topics of interest for the HPI Future SOC Lab are:

  • Service-oriented computing (SOC) and efficient management of concurrency and memory
  • Cloud Computing for engineering and hosting distributed applications
  • New applications exploring new ways of data processing, such as in-memory technology
  • Multicore architectures / GPU
  • Hybrid Computing
  • On-demand delivery models for business applications
  • Applications in the area of Machine Learning

Researchers can apply to gain access to this infrastructure by submitting project proposals until April 4th, 2017. Project proposals are reviewed and approved by a Steering Committee which comprises representatives from HPI and the industrial partners.

HPI   Future SOC Lab   Call for Projects


04. April 2017 Submission Deadline